Free Range Oxfordshire Goose

Free Range Oxfordshire Goose

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Free Range Oxfordshire goose

Free-range, gm-free, free from antibiotics, bred to the highest welfare standards

Weight: 5kg inc Giblets (approx)
Serves: 6
Supplied: Fresh

Butcher's Tip

• Prick skin all over with folk to allow fat to drip out.
season with salt and pepper and cook for 3 hours on a wire rack so goose fat can drip into roasting tin.
• Every hour carefully take out of oven and spoon some juices over bird then pour excess fat off in containers to store.
• You can also put fat into ice cube containers and freeze to use throughout the year. It will make the best roast potatoes.
• Allow 45 mins resting time before carving.


SINCE 1931