Free Range Bronze Whole Turkey

Free Range Bronze Whole Turkey

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Devon Bronze Bred Whole Turkey 

Free-range, gm-free, free from antibiotics, bred to the highest welfare standards

Small: 4.5kg
Medium: 5-6kg
MediumLarge: 6-7kg
Large: 7-8kg
Extra Large: 8-9kg
XX Large: 10kg+

Small: 4-6
Medium: 8-10
Medium Large: 10-12
Large: 12-14
Extra Large: 14-16
XX Large: 18+


Take bird out of fridge 2/3 hours before cooking.

Season bird with salt and pepper, cook breast side down for two thirds of cooking time at 180c.

Allow 30 mins per kg. (e.g. 6kg bird = 3 hours).
Turn bird over for last third of cooking time and baste with juices in roasting pan.

Check turkey is cooked by cutting into the thigh of the bird and if juices run clear then it is cooked.

Rest for 1 hour wrapped in foil.

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